The Institute For Leadership Development

The Institute For Leadership Development 

Developing tomorrow's leaders today requires a unique and specific set of skills that must be nurtured in the individual leader.  The modern predicament facing church and community leadership efforts seems at odds with morality and integrity. The Institute seeks to bridge the gap through a faith-based strategy that sees leadership not simply as something we do, rather, it becomes who we are at home, at work, in church and in community.

As anyone who has tried to exercise their way back to health and fitness knows, the optimal course is to maintain health, fitness, and vitality rather than have to restore it. That is also true of a leader. At The Institute, a series of courses and leadership experiences will be designed with the student leader in mind. Servant leadership will undergird your journey in leadership development. The goal is to help each leader lead from a faith-based foundation that seeks first to serve and then to inspire others to serve.

Whether you are an established leader or new to a leadership position, you will be challenged to rethink your role as a Christian and to begin seeing yourself as a servant leader. The curriculum is designed to challenge you, stretch you, and equip you to do the work of ministry in the church and community.

Our Elevate Leadership Series, will soon be released as an online course of study for our church and community. While much of the material is designed with New Covenant in mind, registration will be open to our community. Check back often for our release dates. 

101 - Connect, is the basic course for all members. In this course you will discover your ministry giftings and the many servant opportunites available to use your giftings; connect with a peer group, gain a clear understanding of our vision, mission, core values, leadership structure, membership and leadership  requirements,and will partner with our iConnect Ministry in reaching the unchurched in our community and region.


201 - Motivate, is the second course of study and is designed to develop ministry leaders according to their giftings. Those students who successfully complete 201 - Motivate, are eligible for Ministry Assistants and Ministry Leaders positions in the church, and are encouraged to pursue leadership opportunities in their community. Course 101 - Connect is a prerequisite for this course.


301 - Elevate, is the third course of study in the Elevate Leadership Series, and is designed for senior leadership positions. Those students who successfully complete 301 - Elevate are eligible for consideration to fill senior ministry leadership vacancies within the churh. Prerequisites include successful completion of courses 101 - Connect and 201 - Mature. Candidates for senior leadership positions will be evaluated based on suitable ministry giftings, prior leadership positions that have prepared the student to fill the vacancy, and a recommendation from the Executive Ministry Management Team to the Presbytery of Elders.