Men of Integrity Ministry



Men of Integrity Ministry

Our Mission

Equipping Men of Integrity who demonstrate Christ-like character in their family, church and community.

Our Core Values:

·         Leading men to a deeper relationship with Christ

·         Embracing diversity as we minister to men

·         Becoming real Men of Integrity who are passionate about nurturing the next generation


2015 Goals and Objectives:

•      We will have monthly men's ministry meetings to pray, plan and executive effective strategies for reaching and mentoring boys and men in becoming Men of Integrity.

•      We will have four quarterly community outreach projects a year.

•      On a monthly basis we will utilize our ministry to assist the widows and single-mothers of our church and community.

•      We will host an Annual Men of Integrity Conference.

•      We will partner with other ministries to help reach and involve all of the men of our community in becoming Men of Integrity.

For additional information please contact Elder Silas Roane at mynccclive@gmail.com