Meet Our Worship Media Team Leader

Cornita "Nita" Winston

Media Shout Team Leader

Nita Winston leads our Worship Media Team. Her expertise with Media Shout and sesitivity to the move of the Spirit allows worshippers to participate in every facet of a thoughtfully crafted worship experience. She brings a wealth of experience from the corporate arena and adds just the right touch in helpng to set the atmosphere for worship. 

We view visual communication as a vital tool in communicating a multisensory worship experience in our services. From on-screen graphics, to short video clips, and multiple translations of the bible, our worshippers become participators and not simply spectators in the worship experience. Our goal is to bridge the gap between cultures as we encounter God in worship. Instead of long letters read of upcoming events, worshippers are able to follow events as the scroll across the screen during strategic points in the worship service. In addition, we add those announcements to our website and weekly gatherings at the church.