Greeter's & Ushers Ministry



Elder Robert "Butch" Winston

Greeter's & Usher's Team Leader


Our Greeters and Ushers are official representatives of our pastor and congregation and help set the atmosphere for worship. They are an essential part of the worship team for all services and events and often are one of the "first contacts" for each gathering at The Rock. As such, they understand that you rarely get a second chance to make a great first impression. Thus, they began preparation for each gathering with prayer and a clear focus on each area of assignment, ensuring that everything is in order before the first worshippers arrive. The goal is to demonstrate a ministry of excellence in worship.


Our greeters are strategically positioned on the first floor entrance to direct guest to the elevator or stairs, and at the main entranceway on the second floor to direct worshippers to the Sanctuary. A top priority is to greet each worshipper with a warm smile and welcome, answer questions and to pay special attention to any perceived needs of the worshippers.


Once our worshippers reach the entrance of our Sanctuary, our Ushers are there to direct them to the various departments and gathering centers, ensuring that each worshipper is greeted and that their needs are met.


After each gathering, our ushers direct our guest to our café and exits where our greeters thank them for coming and warmly invite them to return. After service, our ushers and greeters gather again to walk through our facility to ensure everything is in order before leaving.


Greeters and ushers serve visitors, guests, and church family alike, helping each person to find a place that meets their needs, offering a program, a friendly hug, and a warm welcome, but most importantly, guarding the presence of God in service by keeping order and exemplifying the fruit of the Spirit to everyone that enters the doors.


If you're interested in serving as a Greeter or Usher, please email Elder Robert "Butch" Winston at mynccclive@gmail.com .