Covenant Connections CDC (501)(c)(3)


Covenant Connections CDC was founded in early 2005 as an outreach project of New Covenant Community Church, to expand the compassionate outreach and neighborhood development ministries of the church in the face of changing social and economic challenges in New Kent and surrounding communities. Through this network, issues concerning at-risks and high-risks student challenges, housing affordability and new home ownership initiatives, youth and adult unemployment and under-employment, increased job opportunites, ex-offender re-entry assistance, and business start-up enterprises are addressed.

Covenant Connections CDC has established cooperative partnerships with local government, public school administrators, local and regional businesses and the faith community to work together to address the needs and challenges of a growing and diverse community.

Covenant Connections CDC works closely with local and regional foodbanks and is a leading partner in New Kent's My Brother's Keeper Project aimed at achieving the following goals;

1. Ensure all children enter school cognitively, physically, socially, and emotionally prepared;

2. All children read at grade level by third grade;

3. All young people graduate from high school;

4. All young people complete post-secondary education or training;

5. All youth out of school are employed; and

6. All young people are safe from violent crime.