1st Touch Family Team Ministry

1st Touch Family Ministry Team


Ministry Purpose

Our 1st Touch Family Teams are the core of everything we do as a church family. Each member is assigned a 1st Touch Family Team Leader who will assist your family in accessing all of the resources of New Covenant Community Church. They are there to celebrate with you, share in your moments of need and help guide you in becoming involved in the life and ministries of our church.

1st Touch Family Team Leaders also work closely with our iConnect Pastor to provide the same level of ministry to those who have not yet connected to our church. Remember, membership is NOT a barrier to your receiving the resources of New Covenant Community church. 

Ministry Assimilation

1st Touch Family Team Leaders are our first response team. They enable each family member to have access to the resources of New Covenant in an expedited manner. They are committed to maintaining confidentiality and integrity, and only release information to those senior leaders on a "need to know" basis.   

  1. st Touch Family Team Leaders assist and encourage team member participation in:
    • Elevate Classes
    • Life in The Word and Intercessory Prayer   
    • Family Life Ministry activities 
    • Promote Every Member Involvement in Ministry
    • Ensure team members receive responsive Congregational Care
    • Encourage team member attendance at church events and are connected by website, church app, etc., when they cannot attend

Organizational Relationships

Our 1st Touch Family Team Ministry Leaders have direct access to our Executive Leadership Team and our pastors.